The Historical Background Of Nesting Dolls You Shouldn’t Miss

How hard it is for girls to sort out new trends and styles of today’s fashion! And any girl wants to look stylish and beautiful. Recently, nesting dolls-style clothing has become very popular. Will tell you about this original and extravagant style of dressing;

The Style of the Dolls

8 piece nesting dolls is also called the folk style, and often just too familiar. The global fashion industry borrowed these ethnic motifs from craftsmen and craftsmen who, with great imagination, for centuries, invented various ornaments and patterns for costumes, scarves and wooden toys dolls.

The ethnic costumes of our ancestors were very beautiful more than once inspired designers and fashion houses for various experiments with elements of nationality. In ancient times, even the smallest detail of the costume was evidence of the way of life of various violists and cities. By dress, especially by holiday, it was possible to determine lifestyle, well-being and marital status. And what a variety of colors was what combinations of red, yellow, green and blue flowers with a floral pattern, which decorated aprons, scarves, sleeves and hem shirts.

Nesting dolls style in modern fashion is the folk motifs of our ancestors. A very striking feature of this style was the pattern of the Pavlovo-Posad shawl, which is recognizable throughout the world. In fact, it is the popular nesting doll for table decoration. It is very famous that you can even find these nesting dolls in Mexico.

Nesting dolls style clothing this season has been recognized by designers as the most original among show business, and a large number of fashionistas. Eccentrically sewed, sundresses and fashionable jackets, even tracksuits and shoes from the “grandmother’s shawls” relished the youth and gained great popularity.

Nesting dolls style in dresses and sundresses

Such clothes are acquired by both the most ordinary girls and the secular lionesses that are self-confident. Colorful and stylish sundresses of unusual fabric with a floral pattern, just amaze with variety. As a rule, folk style involves the use of natural fabrics, rather than artificial with a printed pattern. In such things you will not be hot and uncomfortable, because natural fabrics very well “cope” with the summer weather. Dresses and sundresses can be long and short, for every day and a romantic walk. And the color range is diverse and will only improve your mood. Dresses in which the white top is combined with a floral bottom look stylish. In such a dress will be comfortable in the office, if you do not have strict rules regarding clothing.

As for accessories for such dresses and sundresses, they should be selected with care, and in some cases it is better to avoid them completely, so as not to overpower your image.

In everything there should be a measure, bright and large decorations here will be superfluous.

In the style of nesting dolls you can like skirts. You can find a lot of different styles. If the sun skirt with elastic is right for you, and you want to know what is best to wear, you can read an interesting article on our website. Light and bright skirts will be a good addition to your wardrobe and will “settle” for a long time.


Sports style nesting dolls

Very original in this style look tracksuits. This may be bright extravagant costumes with a large beautiful ornament, and more modest and classic models with elegant inserts from the ornament and accessories in the form of nested dolls with zippers and pockets. The design of such suits can be simply stunning. Many stars in their wardrobe already have such costumes and more than once appeared in public. The combination of fabrics in these suits can only surprise your imagination.

  • Also in the style of nesting dolls you can find fashionable T-shirts of various styles and colors. They can easily be combined with jeans, skirts and shorts. For the hot season, these are very comfortable clothes in which you can go to classes and shopping and just meet friends in nature.
  • Of course, the designers did not ignore the “folk style” shoes and bags. You will be able to pick up original shoes and bags for yourself and be sure that you will not meet your “clone”. You will be surprised by a large number of colors and a number of models, which differ in texture and quality of accessories. These things only emphasize your individuality and brightness.
  • If clothes in this style appear in your wardrobe, you will feel how easy it is to be the center of attention. Nesting dolls style is bold colors and combinations of fabrics, catchy and stylish folk charm and looseness. In such clothes you will surprise and stop thinking. This is a very bright and original clothing that combines the notes of Russian culture and modern fashion trends, and is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for special solemn occasions.

The origination Point

The first nesting dolls was turned by the turner Zvezdochkin and painted according to the sketches of the artist Malyutin. The doll did not look like a Japanese one. It was a girl in a Russian sundress and apron, with a rooster in her hands. This Matryona. So nicknamed doll nesting dolls. The nesting dolls consisted of eight figures and depicted a girl in a sundress and a scarf, with a rooster in her hands. For the girl was a boy, then again a girl, etc. All of them were somehow different from each other, and the last, the eighth, represented a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. All at once fell in love with a fun nesting dolls. Abramtsevo woodcarvers set to work. They cut out the nesting dolls slowly, manually, decorated with burning. And once she appeared at the bazaar.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the production of nesting dolls began in the Nizhny Novgorod province of the district, where the turning industry existed long ago. Here the dolls are made now. Semenov masters gave the nesting dolls a peculiar shape and painting. It is more slender, elongated top smoothly into a thickened bottom. The color of the painting combines bright colors. On her apron is always a bright big flower. It does not look like Zagorsk nesting dolls and features. Zagorskaya nesting dolls dense, stocky. The top smoothly goes to the thickened bottom of the figure. She is in a sundress with an embroidered pattern, blouse, and scarf.

The craft reached the village, which is a hundred kilometers from Murom, where they sharpened elongated small-sized or even completely inseparable nesting dolls. The color of clothing is dominated by crimson, purple, pink colors. The front of the dress is decorated with flowers that alternate with red dots of berries. The colors are coarse, cutting, but unusually decorative and distinctive. A characteristic feature of these nesting dolls is the image on the head of a half-sphere with flowers. In form, these dolls are also different from others. They have a smoother contour, and as if elongated proportions.

She is more elongated, slim. The painting is also peculiar. There are no colors on her Sara fans, no bright embroidery, and more often this nesting dolls in a fur coat, or in a sheepskin coat, in a scarf. Paints are not bright, very often red and black colors are combined.

Work with children.

Given the characteristics of nesting dolls, I try to purposely use this toy in kindergarten. Work is carried out with children of the older group. The main tasks set by me can be formulated as follows:

Teach children the 5 Koshas of yoga using dolls and use the main features such as color, shape, and pattern. Find out the influence of Russian folk toys on the aesthetic development of a preschooler. For more cute and colorful  nesting dolls for the children visit


My kids and I painted dolls. The conversation helped to clarify the most important things to pay attention to: pattern, color, shape. Children drew dolls with pleasure. I did not limit the children in the choice of colors. Analysis of the work showed that children emotionally perceive, convey color, shape, and painting. When comparing the types of nesting dolls, the children asked the question, On which nested doll did you like the pattern more?


Based on the work done, we can draw the following conclusions:

Nesting dolls is an important means of emotional impact on children. A variety of types of dolls, the uniqueness of their appearance are the basis for the manifestation of the elements of creativity in the game, drawing children.

The work is carried out in several stages:

The folk costume of our ancestors was amazingly beautiful. Each of its details was a testament to the lifestyle. Clothing and festive, and everyday corresponded to lifestyle, welfare and marital status. The color scheme was diverse, a combination of red, blue, yellow and green colors, with a bright plant world, embroidered on aprons, shawls, sleeves and hem shirts. All this gave a festive look to any woman, even on a gloomy winter day.